23 May 2018

Another commercial car park for a freighting and logistics depot in Campbellfield, Victoria. Over 20,000 square metres of machine finished concrete, giving large and small vehicles plenty of space to load an unload freight.

As this was quite a large car park, we broke these pours down into 800 – 1000 square metres due to the construction joins that had to be installed.

Keeping a sharp eye on our levels was key to ensuring that there where no flat spots that could hold water. All levels ran to drainage pits to which we also install.


23 May 2018

This is a Commercial/Industrial grade car park at St Monicas college Epping. This is a typical heavy-duty graded car park, constructed to withstand the consistent use of vehicles.

There is a large pit in the middle of the job to which we were able to base all of our heights.

Lastly, the saw cuts in any car park should not only be for expansion but also a feature on its own.